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3 Steps for Putting Acrylic Engraving into Action

21 / Oct / 2020

Acrylic is a beautiful material with high end appeal which is also affordable and one of the most popular in the market today. This material can be used for variety of purposes from gift items to kitchen utensils etc. Acrylic engravings are beautiful usually carved out of a rotary or laser engraving machine achieving truly magnificent engraved images which are loved and appreciated by the customers.

Acrylic types

It is a common name for a heat sensitive plastic material manufactured by the various manufacturing industries. One of the type of acrylic is Cast acrylic which is produced by pouring acrylic syrup in between two sheets of a tempered glass. Cast acrylic products are best used for engraving awards and gifts of different type.

Another acrylic type is Extruded acrylic. Extruded acrylic are produced by feeding pellets of resins into extruder that heats the molten mass. This acrylic type is used for producing popular products like display fixtures and mirroring. It also works best for blanks, profile cutting letters and special shapes. Acrylic industries in Dubai make use of both the types to produce beautiful products.

Laser acrylic engraving

Laser acrylic engraving involves following the old carpenter’s rule of measuring twice and cutting once. This type of engraving is generally easy and hassle free but if not done properly you might run into some problem. Generally, acrylic engraves best using high speed and low power. Laser can also be used to cut completely through the acrylic material by using vector cutting technique. Vector cutting provides high quality output. Depending on the power of your laser and acrylic sheet’s thickness, you might require more than one pass to achieve a clean edge cut.

Rotary acrylic engraving

Rotary engraving is another useful technique to achieve beautiful results while acrylic engraving. Conventional tooling and engraving techniques should work fine unless you are profiling or making deep cuts. For standard acrylic engraving, choose a standard 60 degree included angle cutter and engrave at minimal depth and if you want to achieve more dimensional look in the graphics and characters, create V grooved letters that have smaller flat on the bottom and wide groove at the mouth. A big advantage of rotary acrylic engraving is that it can also be used to profile acrylic.

Using AcryliPrint

AcryliPrint is one of the more recent innovative techniques being used for acrylic engraving. This innovative process allows you to incorporate bright light, graphics and color filled photographs onto clear acrylic blanks creating amazing and magnificent gifts and awards. This is one of the most used process now a days yielding fine results.

Acrylic engraving services are available for clients in UAE. Our services have benefitted many clients across Dubai and demands for acrylic engraving have increased many folds. If you are looking to avail our services, please get in touch.