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A New Way to Think About Acrylic Engraving

21 / Oct / 2020

The uniqueness of acrylic lies in the fact that it can absorb certain light wavelengths and when exposed to laser light it soaks all the energy like a sponge ball. Laser acrylic engraving is one of the newest form of acrylic engraving and most of the acrylic engraving companies in Dubai are following this latest technique to carve out some beautiful products. This engraving technique gives product dimensional qualities taking it to another level.

When performing engraving on acrylic it is important to measure twice and cut once which helps to avoid mistakes while engraving. So before you perform laser acrylic engraving let us understand certain settings for engraving acrylic.

Laser beam focus

This is an important aspect while using laser beam for acrylic engraving. Engraving huge fill areas on your material will result in horizontal raster lines that will make your engraving look ugly and unpleasant. Some of the points that should be kept in mind while using laser technique:

1. If acrylic sheet is less than 6mm then you should avoid defocusing.

2. If the cut edge has some wavy lines at the bottom, then only defocus.

3. Defocusing ensures efficient beam usage.

Speed and power

Laser acrylic engraving works better with high speed and low power. While working on the screen-printed on the side or painted acrylic, you need to turn the power up by 10% maintaining the speed giving laser more energy to cut through the paint. Melting and cracking are some of the problems that you may experience while laser acrylic engraving. If you experience such problem, it means that you are using too much heat. The way to solve this is to reduce the power or increase the speed.

Laser frequency

The frequency of the laser will be determined by the type of material being used. If you are using cast acrylic, you can set laser frequency between 10000-20000 HZ and 2000-5000 HZ for extruded acrylic. A correct frequency range has to be identified if you want to achieve the best possible outcome while using laser acrylic engraving technique.


It is highly recommended to have some form of suction beneath the acrylic which may help you get rid of the gas trapped in the cut kerf. This also helps in mitigating control frosting of acrylics, flaming and prevent gases from getting ignited. 15PSI of compressed air should be able to handle it well.

The laser technique of acrylic engraving is a leading technique now days. We provide our acrylic engraving services in Dubai and have solid clientele around UAE. We are a leading acrylic company in Dubai and we would be glad to get in touch with you and work on your dream projects.