Acrylic Counter Shields

Advantages of Using Acrylic Counter Shields in Public Places

26 / Jun / 2021

Earlier, Acrylic counter shields are commonly used in offices, banks, and hospitals to create a barrier between receptionists, customers, and tellers. But nowadays in this current scenario of Covid19, acrylic counter shields have become an important part of every business or place with a maximum crowd because every business seeks to protect their employees.

The acrylic counter shield is the best and fantastic tool that facilitates personal and professional protection solutions. When this deadly corona virus takes over the whole world, we all wanted to protect ourselves. In public and crowded places like malls, banks, cinema halls, and restaurants, it is an obvious requirement to make an acrylic partition for a covid barrier between the consumers and the person who are sitting at the counter since these places are highly crowded. 

These Acrylic counter shields are important in the office also, as each employee sitting next to each other which is quite risky in this current scenario. Without an acrylic counter shield for the desk (this barrier or division), working will turn out to be messier that is extremely undesirable. Most importantly, if employees sitting close to each other it might have turned into the spread of the corona virus, which should be avoided totally. These acrylic counter shields are transparent and clear; also acrylic is a hard substance that makes glass screens highly durable and robust.

Advantages of using counter shields are given as follows:

It creates a protective shield between customers and employees-

Acrylic counters shields preventing the spread of any viruses that are airborne contaminants, like droplets, sneezing and other types of particulates. These acrylic shields protecting both customers and employees from contagious ill health like as Covid 19. Acrylics are easier while sanitizing place and also can be changed easily between the working shifts and hence it helps to maintain a sterile and healthy environment.

It promotes social distancing

These acrylic counter shields mainly create a physical shield between crowds and make it easy for maintaining social distancing. This puts employees and customers both at ease and commits to business to protect everyone’s safety and health. Customers usually like those businesses that provide them safe feeling and showing customers that they are following all protective methods. 

It is easy to maintain and easy to install

It is easy to install acrylic material for any purpose, just depending on shape & size and accessing space. Also, it is easy to maintain because of having a smooth & even surface, it does not attract dirt. The acrylic material can be easily polished if its surface gets damaged. 

These are the advantages of using acrylic counter shields in public places. Acrylic bar Counter in Dubai is important to use in any restaurant or bars to avoid overcrowding in public places. 

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