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How to Create Exciting Shapes by bending Acrylic Sheet

26 / Apr / 2022

You may get worried while thinking of bending an acrylic sheet and bringing something new out of it. But here you will get to know about different machines that can easily bend acrylic sheets. These machines are heating guns, propane torches, soldering iron, and strip heaters.

There is a common factor in every machine, that is they all use heat to bend sheets. In this process, the acrylic sheets are heated to the level where it starts melting, and then you can bend the sheets into any shape as per your need.

In this post, let’s see how can we bend acrylic sheets into different shapes.

Bending Acrylic into Phone Stand

To get the desired result, all you need is a big sheet of acrylic and its breadth should be one inch more than the mobile phone. You may use its breadth the same as a phone too. Now, you have to craft two bends; as the portion is bigger, the time consumption for bending is high.

The mode of the heating acrylic section is slow. You need to keep patience here and need to create two 45-degree bends. You have to make these bends at the ends of the sections according to the measurement of the phone. In this way, you will be able to craft a phone stand by bending Acrylic Sheets.

Bending sheets into Bow Shape

Use a bow-shaped wooden unit for this. The unit must be sturdy and a minimum of five centimeters thick and 40 to 50 centimeters long. It must be a 3-D unit. Here heats the acrylic similar to that first simple bend method.

After that, the acrylic will bend routinely at the proper time. Then take it close to the wooden bow shape. Press the acrylic at the bow and ensure that the acrylic gets the shape of the bow. In this technique, you’ll get a stunning bow-shaped piece.

Craft thinner acrylic bends

Reduce thin sections of the acrylic sheet to 2 centimeters. Blend concrete in a little amount to make a tile. After that heat the area of the sheet you wanted for Acrylic Bending and Bonding. Next, put the sheet into the 3-fourth-accomplished concrete.

Then bend the acrylic sheet. In this technique, the acrylic gets stuck into the concrete. And you will also bend the sheet at 90 degrees. Start bending from approximately 4 centimeters from the concrete. This way you create creative shapes from thin sheets.

Final Thoughts

Here you found out “How to create exciting shapes by bending acrylic sheets”. You can apply any bending technique that we have mentioned above.

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