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Know the tricks to remove scratches from acrylic sheets

30 / Mar / 2022

Acrylic is also known as Perspex, Lucite, and Plexiglas; it is an extraordinarily popular form of plastic because it has various useful advantages. Clear sheets of acrylic are having a brilliant optical clarity, on the other hand, colored sheets of acrylic are accessible in various spectrums of colors.

But if you compare these sheets with Polycarbonate, scratches on acrylic are fair easy. These scratches not only visually appear good, but it affects the durability of acrylic as well. But removing scratches from its surface is easy; it requires a little determination and some simple tools. In this article, we will get to know some simple tricks to remove a mild scratch from acrylic sheets.

Evaluation of scratched sheet

While beginning with the repairing process of scratches on acrylic sheets, it is essential to find out whether the acrylic sheet is scratched or not. Then, a second important step is to evaluate the depth of that scratch on the acrylic sheet, so that you can choose an appropriate technique to remove it.

Deep scratches cannot be fixed easily. There are many ways are accessible to glue acrylic sheets together. But this will not certainly glue the sheets cleanly and it might leave some visible residue of glue.

Sometimes, damages can be occurred because of using cleaners based on the harsh chemical. But cleaner-based consequences unfortunately are not considered as scratch and hence it requires a more aggressive acrylic polishing and sanding procedure for fixing the issue.

Removal of mild scratches from sheet

It is easy to remove light scratches from the surface of the acrylic, that may be caused by regular wear-and-tear. While starting with the cleaning process, it is essential to remove dirt from the acrylic sheet, otherwise, it will create more scratches to it. For cleaning, it is recommended to use a special cleaner of acrylic sheets but if not possible, warm water and a small quantity of mild dish washing detergent will also work well. And then, a gentle wipe with a microfiber cloth or cotton cloth will make it look clean and clear. The material prepared with Plexiglas is so much in trend and highly in demand.


It’s a bitter truth that acrylic sheets were inadvertently become scratchy, whether you use them for commercial purposes or house renovation purposes. But it is fortunate that the physical property of acrylic allows it to be easily finished and polished with little abrasive cleaning solutions.

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