Acrylic Sneeze Guard

Due to Covid-19, Our Acrylic Protection Shield getting more and more popular day by day. Which is widely used in banks, shops, Restaurants, offices and so on. This Acrylic Shield protect yourself and your employees from airborne contaminants. It helps to prevent face to face interaction between peoples and staff which reduces spreading of germs and viruses.

Acrylic Protection shield comes in various sizes and designs. We can also fabricate customized shields upon customer requests. Order it ASAP to make your office or workspace a germ-free zone.

Acrylic Protective screens are getting increasingly mainstream, which is generally used across UAE due to COVID-19. We have an assortment of materials including acrylic, glass and Plexiglas. Most Plexiglas Safety Guard are made of materials that are lightweight, particular to usage and simple to install.

Check out our high-quality Plexiglas sneeze guard for you as per your needs.