Acrylic Bending and Bonding

Acrylic Bending and Bonding

Acrylic bonding methods are involved in many services like polishing, bending, cutting, gluing and act as a common method for permanent joint fixing few examples machined, laser cut, heated material or transparent and colored options for your work.

Our team is dealing with Acrylic Bending and Bonding. We follow the line bending method where plastic is bent in a straight line, first, the plastic is heated along the line with heating elements and then soften plastic is bent to line method according to customers’ requirements.

Procedure we follow

When the sheet is bent according to the desired shape we use a piece of wood or metal for straight, afterward clean the corners. Once the acrylic is heated it should be cool and wait for some minute to cool down the outer surface and then compressed air spray can be used for cooling the acrylic.

This is the technique where we use chemical substances to joints the two pieces of acrylic together, we can join acrylic with plastic, glass, and wood.

Different types of adhesives can be used according to the materials nature. Before gluing any material we check, proper care is needed whether the edges are properly polished or not it should be smooth and flat otherwise it will not be glued properly. The sandpaper is a nice option for this.

We are bonding and adhesive agent following the parameters of for best adhesion acrylic solutions, try our services today.