Acrylic Skylight

Top Advantages of Adding Acrylic Skylights to Your Building

9 / Aug / 2021

Acrylic is all over the place at the current times, it gives a beautiful vision too. An opening in a building and enhancing the amount of natural sunlight that comes into a building or room gives several essential benefits, mainly in the business environment; it helps to increase concentration levels and boosting productivity. This is the main reason, a person chooses acrylic skylight option in their offices and houses to increase productivity and it gives beautiful look as well.

The top advantages of adding Acrylic Skylights to your building (House or Offices) can be given as follows:

Roof pitch-

The shape of the building’s roof is the major factor to keep in mind while selecting a perfect acrylic skylight. Plastic or acrylic skylight can be easily installed on any shape and type of roof, including flat roofs as well. Acrylic material blends so well with contemporary and modern skylight designs and make sure that all eyes should be on this gorgeous opening.

Coating and colouring options-

Acrylic skylights are available in a range of coatings and colours, and you have to choose according to your preference in the amount of natural light that enters your building, amount of heat loss, and amount of heat gain. Acrylic is a transparent and versatile material that seems fabulous in a variety of settings and thus complements a broad range of designing patterns.

Prolonged Existence-

The life of a product is an important aspect while placing it in your building. An acrylic skylight is usually having a good expectancy of life and gives your building or office a perfect view that helps to boost productivity and increase concentration as well.

Requirement of maintenance-

Acrylic skylights are super easy for maintenance purposes, but it is important to be careful while using any cleaning solution because they have a harsh chemical that may damages plastic. Acrylic is weather-resistant & durable, and it performs long-lasting than other materials like glass, metal, or wood, etc. It is a unique material that is adaptable to all ambiances.

Cost of installation-

If you want to install a skylight in your building but having a low budget, then the option of Acrylic skylights works better for you, as it is very affordable and stays in your budget as well. The important feature of acrylic is it is affordable to everyone, hence anyone can makeover their building with this material. It is less costly than polycarbonate and glass.

Acrylic is a more practical and economical alternative for skylight glazing material. Because of acrylic’s natural strength, it is an ideal material to build domes for a skylight. Acrylic material is stable naturally to UV rays and it withstands for years in front of the sun too. 

Hence, Acrylic gives a better ambiance to your building and thus, boosts productivity as well. Acrylic Skylight in Dubai is very much in trend nowadays.

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