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Professional Acrylic Company

Professional Acrylic Middle East Glass & Plastic Engraving LLC had its seed from the brimming ideas of its six founders whom brought together and pooled their individual charisma and skills. The most refined ideas and state-of-the art technology combined together to create Acrylic Products that’s the most sort after product in the industry. Quite untouched by the goodwill and preference obtained from the global industry for its quality, we still strive to achieve excellence in all aspects that we do.

Our engineering capability has enabled and implemented large scale fabrications with high precision and accuracy. Professional Acrylic is actively involved in a wide range of Acrylic custom fabrications ranging from architectural domes to high end fit out works. Apart from the Acrylic fabrication, the company has highly experienced artisans in the fields of Metal, Wood, Fiberglass, Aluminum & Glass fabrication.

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We Offer

Following Acrylic Products and Services for Dubai and other Emirates UAE
  • Acrylic / Polycarbonate Domes and Skylights

    Acrylic can be used as domes and skylight for building to pass the natural light into the building. We have done several projects for which we used both Acrylic and polycarbonate to make domes and skylights. We used UV resistant and non-yellowing Acrylic or polycarbonate for these purposes which are long lasting.

  • Staircase & Balustradess

    Implementing staircases and balustrades made of acrylic can infuse a modern touch to your interior design. We have successfully completed numerous projects where we utilized solid acrylic for handrails and balustrades. In certain projects, we opted for plain acrylic sheets in place of metal handrails, enhancing the staircase with a unique and luxurious aesthetic.

  • Canopies & Arches

    Acrylic and polycarbonate are excellent materials for fabricating canopies and arches, offering protection from external elements while adding a stylish aesthetic to your buildings. For these structures, we utilize both acrylic and polycarbonate, specifically selecting those that are UV resistant and non-yellowing.

  • Feature Fountains / Aquariums

    Acrylic is an ideal material for crafting water features and aquariums due to its versatility. Its malleability allows us to create a variety of water features, including spherical fountains, flowing water features, and cylindrical structures. Acrylic can also serve as an excellent alternative to glass in aquarium construction.

    For example, when constructing life-sized aquariums, acrylic offers superior safety and size advantages. Unlike glass, acrylic is nearly 100% transparent, enabling the creation of stunning and durable aquariums. We fabricate large acrylic tanks for a wide range of applications, even including chemical lab testing.

  • Exhibition & Display Stands

    For a variety of events and exhibitions, we specialize in crafting display stands and cases to showcase your prized products. These can be customized in various sizes and shapes. Utilizing acrylic, we can produce stunning and sophisticated display stands, providing an ideal solution for exhibiting products and services at events, retail spaces, or even within your home.

  • High End Furniture’s and Accessories

    We specialize in exquisite crafting furniture and accessories tailored to our clients’ needs. For example, we manufacture acrylic coffee tables and chairs for homes, retail spaces, and offices, adding a touch of luxury to your environment. Our accessories, made from acrylic, include elements for acrylic tables, Acrylic shelves, lighting, and interior designs that require a luxurious aesthetic. We provide comprehensive guidance and creative ideas to help you create a unique ambiance for your space.

  • Indoor & Outdoor Signage’s

    Acrylic is a perfect material to create indoors and outdoors signages for advertising your businesses. We provided a large variety of signages for restaurants, shops, and offices, which will give you an opportunity to let the customer know about your products and services. The ability of acrylic to pass the light will give your signage an added advantage which will bring the attention of your customers both indoor and outdoor.

  • Decorative Ceiling Panels, Dance Floors, Column Cladding, Counter Cladding

    We offer acrylic-based solutions for a variety of applications in the interior design of your shops, restaurants, hotels, and offices. Acrylic is the ideal material to add a final touch of elegance to your interiors. It can be utilized in various forms such as ceiling panels, dance floors, or as cladding for walls, columns, and counters.

  • Shower Screens and Bath Enclosures

    Acrylic is commonly employed in the construction of shower screens, partitions, and bath enclosures. The safety and durability of acrylic contribute to the creation of distinctive and enduring enclosures, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home or office.

  • Sculptures and Themed Structures

    Leveraging the properties of acrylic, we fabricate a variety of artistic sculptures and structures tailored to diverse client needs. The thermoforming and jointing capabilities of acrylic allow us to produce truly one-of-a-kind sculptures and structures. These creations can serve as unique souvenirs, display pieces, or elements of interior design.

  • Interior & Architectural details

    We are capable of crafting a variety of interiors and architectural elements using acrylic, adding a touch of luxury and elegance to your office, home, or hotel. Acrylic can be transformed into chandeliers, reception counters, or wall hanging features, all of which we have successfully incorporated in numerous projects. We invite you to browse our gallery to view images of these exquisite items.

What is Acrylic?

Acrylic, a versatile plastic material, has been a game-changer in the world of design and manufacturing. Known for its transparency, clarity, and strength, it has found applications in a myriad of fields. The process of transforming raw acrylic sheets into functional objects is known as acrylic fabrication, a specialized process that involves a range of techniques. Here are the key points about Acrylic:

  • Acrylic, also known as plexiglass or Lucite, is a versatile plastic material that has been used by designers and manufacturers for decades.

  • It is known for its transparent nature, remarkable clarity, and exceptional strength, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

  • Acrylic fabrication is a specialized process that transforms raw acrylic sheets into beautifully crafted functional objects.

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  • This process includes a variety of techniques for the precise shaping and assembly of acrylic components, ranging from traditional methods like cutting, drilling, and bending to advanced processes like CNC machining and Laser Cutting.

  • Each technique offers unique capabilities, enabling professionals to create intricate designs and complex structures.

  • Acrylic’s exceptional heat tolerance allows for the creation of curved and radial shapes.

  • With its potential for total optical clarity, high impact-resistance, UV-resistance, and resistance to temperature fluctuations, acrylic is one of the most durable and versatile types of plastic.

  • Acrylic is 50% lighter than glass, recyclable, and can be molded into essentially any shape.

  • At our company, we harness the full potential of this remarkable material, delivering custom acrylic solutions that meet our clients’ unique needs and exceed their expectations.