Acrylic Sneeze Guard

Due to Covid-19, Our Acrylic Protection Shield getting more and more popular day by day. Which is widely used in banks, shops, Restaurants, offices and so on. This Acrylic Shield protect yourself and your employees from airborne contaminants. It helps to prevent face to face interaction between peoples and staff which reduces spreading of germs..

Acrylic Display Boxes and Cases

We specialize in custom fabricating acrylic boxes and cases tailored to client requirements. These display boxes are versatile, suitable for showcasing a variety of items such as jewelry, antiques, sculptures, and electronics. They can also be used for storing items like food and retail products in shops. Our acrylic boxes and cases can be customized into various shapes and designs, ranging from box shapes to cylindrical or pyramid shapes. Place your order now for acrylic boxes with your personalized design.

Acrylic Staircase

Our Acrylic staircases are the perfect solution to enhance your home in a contemporary yet practical way.We use a combination of Acrylic, Glass, steel and wood to give all the staircases an elegant look. All our staircases are manufactured to each customers’ own unique specification by experienced craftsman, who use only the finest Acrylic, in our dedicated workshop.

Acrylic Table

This acrylic table give you simple and clean option for your home or your office. It’s simple yet modernand no matter how many times the surroundings change it will look classy and elegant for any type of interiors. We offer multiple sizes and thicknesses to allow you create your perfect look. If you want a custom size, material, or thickness, let us know

Acrylic Coffee Table

These are very unique tables because it is custom made and not mass produced. Great care is given for producing each unit. We carefully cut, sand and polish the surface and edges to give it a smooth finish. We offer these tables in multiple sizes and thicknesses to allow you create your unique look. If you want a custom size, material, or thickness, let us know and we will make your imagination comes alive.

Acrylic Signs

Acrylic signs are part of our more exclusive range of signs and are suitable for door or company signs. We offer extensive range of acrylic signs. Text and image are printed digitally or Engraved onto the surface of the sign.

Acrylic cosmetic Display Stand

We offer customized Acrylic cosmetic Display Stands consisting of different shapes and sizes. Which are widely used at retail store, shopping mall, trade show, and exhibition. Our design team is able to design/make your cosmetic displays according to your cosmetic products size or designs. we also offer different types of branding using screen printing, UV Printing, engraving and stickers.

Acrylic Interior Designs

As we say in our slogan “we create your imagination” We offer various custom made designs for interior as per client taste and requirement. Acrylic comes in wide range of textures and finishes which we use to create dramatic feature walls, decorative ceilings, shelves, furniture’s, Chandeliers and sculptures.

Acrylic Display Stand

We design and producedifferent point of sale acrylic display stands, in large and small quantities even single units, fabricated to requirements and delivered throughout United Arab Emirates.As per the customers’ requirements we also design and manufacture custom made display stands and brochure holders.

Acrylic Mobile Phone Display

We provide a range of high-quality acrylic display stands for cell phones and tablets, ideal for showcasing in retail shops and kiosks. These stands serve as an excellent platform for launching new phones on the market. In addition, we offer an assortment of spec displays for mobile phones. These displays are designed to assist customers in understanding the price and technical specifications of various phone models and electronic gadgets. Customers can order this custom acrylic display stand in small and large quantities.

Acrylic Pool Wall

We supply and install acrylic swimming pool panels for villas, hotels, and apartments. The use of acrylic swimming pool panels is on the rise due to the sleek appearance they provide. Acrylic is utilized as windows in swimming pools and as panels in infinity pools. We install lengthy acrylic pool panels to distinguish your pools from conventional ones. We use high-grade, non-yellowing cast acrylic that outlasts regular acrylic. These acrylic panels are specifically designed to withstand water pressure. Our experienced staff are well-equipped to install them neatly and cleanly, making your pool the centerpiece of your home or hotel.

Acrylic Aquarium Tanks

We provide acrylic tanks suitable for a range of applications, including aquariums. These acrylic aquariums are not only safe but also durable. Their transparency and robustness make them an ideal choice for larger aquariums. We employ chemical bonding techniques to assemble the acrylic, resulting in a sturdy and seamless appearance. Customers have the flexibility to order these Acrylic Aquarium tanks in various sizes and shapes, such as cube, rectangular, triangle, and cylindrical.

Acrylic Bar Counter

Our company have designed, fabricated and installed many bar and reception counters for prestigious Hotels and Restaurants throughout UAE. Our designs are commented as both modern and attractive by various customers. We draw your imagination in to our canvas and we convert it into reality. So let us know your idea and we will put our best minds to think for you.

Acrylic Canopies

We are specialized in making various types of canopies which will protect you from rain and heat. We use combination of Steel, Aluminum, polycarbonate and Acrylic for making stylish and strong canopies. Our team uses only good quality Acrylic which are UV resistant as well aslong lasting.

Acrylic Skylight

There is no substitute to sunlight entering into your living room other than skylights. Acrylic or polycarbonate these are the best and reliable solution of brighten your living space. Both these material gives the skylight strength & durability without losing the sunlight. We offer custom build skylights as per customers taste and preference. So let us know you preference and we will make it happen.