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Acrylic Molding and Bending

We are expert in Molding and Bending Acrylic, Our qualified team is capable of mold and bends the acrylic sheet of plastic to any form labors are trained for doing Acrylic Molding and Acrylic Bending thus follow a process which avoids cracking, splintering, or destroying the sheet resulting desired output as per customer needs.

Acrylic Molding can be complicated in some cases as due to bending and molding few areas are sensitive, sharp edges should be taken care while molding and bending acrylic sharp corners and edges to be carefully handled as it is notch responsiveness.

Our professional fabricators use various methods like – Hot Wire, beaming heat and convection ovens to heat acrylic molding them into variable forms with smooth shapes and soft curves. Sometimes Acrylic bender tool is very useful for bending and molding acrylic sheets in the form of Acrylic letters, display molded items.

We generally use quality and renowned branded machine for acrylic molding and bending acrylic sheet for better output. Our process is simple, effective and standard leading to continuous growth in the Dubai market focusing mainly on customer satisfaction.

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