Acrylic Fabrication

Acrylic Fabrication is an art form that transforms raw acrylic sheets into exquisite functional objects. For over 13 years, Professional Acrylic has been at the forefront of acrylic fabrication in Dubai, UAE. Our journey has been marked by innovation, creativity, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. As we reflect on our experience, we are thrilled to share with you the craftsmanship and techniques that set us apart.

Acrylic Cutting

Precision and Versatility: Cutting is the cornerstone of acrylic fabrication. It allows you to create precise shapes and dimensions. Traditional methods like bandsaw cutting and guillotine cutting work well for smaller projects. However, for larger and more intricate designs, laser cutting emerges as a superior choice. Laser cutting offers exceptional accuracy and the ability to cut intricate patterns.

Acrylic Cutting
Drilling Acrylic

Drilling Acrylic

Creating Openings and Fixtures: Drilling is fundamental in acrylic fabrication. It allows you to create holes, slots, and recesses for various purposes. Whether it’s mounting hardware, securing components, or adding visual interest, drilling is essential for fabricating both functional and aesthetically pleasing acrylic products.

Acrylic Bending or Molding

Heat Bending: Acrylic’s exceptional heat tolerance opens a world of possibilities for creating curved and radial shapes. Heat bending Acrylic involves gently heating the acrylic and then carefully bending it to achieve the desired curvature. This technique is often employed for applications like acrylic display cases, acrylic lighting fixtures, and Acrylic architectural accents.

Acrylic Molding: You can also mold acrylic into specific shapes such as acrylic cylinders, acrylic spheres, acrylic hemispheres, acrylic domes, or Acrylic Tubes. These molded forms find applications in exhibitions, interior design, and individual projects.

CNC Machining

CNC Machining

Precision Cuts and Complex Geometries: CNC machining takes acrylic fabrication to a whole new level of precision and complexity. Computer-controlled machinery cuts, drills, and carves intricate designs into acrylic sheets. It’s particularly valuable for creating intricate patterns, complex shapes, and prototypes for acrylic product development.

Acrylic Bonding

Chemical Bonding Techniques for Acrylic: Chemical bonding techniques involve precision and expertise to create robust and long-lasting acrylic structures. These methods are used to weld acrylic together, resulting in products such as acrylic boxes, display stands, aquariums, and sculptures. This one of the most important processes in acrylic fabrication.

Chemical bonding is employed when durability and strength are paramount. It ensures that acrylic products withstand the test of time.

Industrial Grade Acrylic Boxes: We evenly bond thick acrylic sheets to fabricate sturdy industrial grade acrylic boxes.

Acrylic Aquarium Tanks: The seamless, bubble-free look achieved through chemical bonding enhances the aesthetics of acrylic aquariums.

Acrylic Swimming Pool Panels: These panels require exceptional strength and water resistance, making chemical bonding an ideal choice.

High-End Acrylic Furniture: For luxurious acrylic furniture pieces ranging from acrylic chairs, acrylic tables and acrylic shelves, chemical bonding ensures both form and function.

Acrylic Display Counters and Shelves: Retail showrooms and offices benefit from the sleek appearance and durability of chemically bonded acrylic displays and acrylic counters.

Conventional Joining Methods: Apart from chemical bonding, there are more straightforward methods for joining acrylic. These methods are cost-effective and commonly used in acrylic fabrication:

Purpose: These glues serve well for everyday applications where extreme strength isn’t necessary.

Examples: Various types of standard acrylic glues are available, allowing for flexibility in joining methods.

Common Use Cases: Everyday acrylic products, signage, and simple display stands often rely on these glues.

In summary, whether it’s the precision of chemical bonding or the simplicity of glues, acrylic fabrication offers a wide spectrum of possibilities for creating functional and visually appealing products.

Acrylic Bonding
Acrylic Polishing

Acrylic Polishing

Precision Polishing: Our expert polishers delicately buff the acrylic using a blend of polishing soap and specialized chemicals. With meticulous care, they coax out the material’s innate clarity, revealing its true essence.

Flame Polishing: For edges and surfaces that demand perfection, we turn to flame polishing. Concentrated flames dance along the contours, smoothing and enhancing every detail. The Acrylic product edges become sharp, the surfaces mirror-like

Vibrant Acrylic Coloring

At Professional Acrylic, our team of expert painters transforms acrylic into a canvas of colors. Our specialty lies in creating custom transparent finishes that elevate your acrylic products to new heights. Here’s how we do it:

We import high-quality resin-based paints from the UK. These paints are not only rich in pigments but also weatherproof and long-lasting. When applied to acrylic, they create a stunning interplay of hues.

Whether it’s Luxury Acrylic furniture, captivating Acrylic Decorative panels, or any other acrylic creation, we tailor our coloring techniques to suit your vision. Each stroke is deliberate, each shade carefully chosen.

Our transparent finishes allow light to dance through acrylic, revealing its inner beauty. Whether it’s a statement piece or a subtle accent, our coloring techniques add depth and character.

Our artisans apply each layer with precision, ensuring seamless coverage and a flawless result. The marriage of artistry and durability is what sets our acrylic products apart.


Assembly and Finishing

Assembling: At Professional Acrylic, our artisans meticulously assemble each piece, ensuring impeccable joints and seamless connections. Whether it’s an acrylic podium, a sleek Acrylic Box, or an eye-catching acrylic retail display, we understand that the finishing touches matter most.

Finished Acrylic Product Our commitment to quality extends beyond aesthetics. We take pride in delivering high-quality finishes that not only meet but exceed our customers’ expectations. When you choose Professional Acrylic, satisfaction is our promise.

After 13 years of expertise in the acrylic fabrication industry, Professional Acrylic has mastered an array of cutting-edge techniques. These methods, honed through years of experience, enable us to exceed customer expectations by catering to their unique requirements. As we continue our journey, we remain committed to innovation and introducing fresh ideas that elevate the industry.