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Acrylic Cutting & Routing

Our teams perform Acrylic cutting and Routing. There are two types of Acrylic in nature, one is cast and another is extruded they both are cut in different ways. Proper tool selection and machine operation play an important role to get finished goods. Cutting is done on two processes – a roughing cut and finishing cut, in every process different tools, is used for cutting the acrylic.

This process helps to preserve the acrylic for a longer time, which helps to maintain the quality finish at the end. The roughing cut does the maximum of the work, which reduces the load of finishing cut.

We give acrylic smooth and clear appearance with the help of the Router Tool. Routing includes cutting, shaping, drilling, milling, and by using computer controlled router head. We try to make the acrylic more result oriented by continues routing with the Router tools. Professional Acrylic is pleased to serve you in terms of Acrylic Cutting and Routing with advanced technology to customize your needs from a single prototype to larger project production to emphasize quality products to customers.

We offer professional Acrylic Routing services in all parts of Dubai. Our Services are offered to general customers as well as the Industrial Sector.

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