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Acrylic Polishing

One of our main services in Acrylic is polishing, we use the latest tools to remove dull, unwanted particles and avoid minor cracks while doing the polishing job. Our labor is trained in using the buffing wheel for polishing, it’s spinning cotton with cutting thread which avoids scratches resulting finest clarity polishing of Acrylic.

Our process of polishing not only removes dullness but also reduce yellowish in acrylic. Moreover, the authentic tools we also follow for acrylic polishing techniques like vapor polishing, buffing, flame polishing, and direct machine polishing.

Accuracy and creativity doing in acrylic polishing are important as it’s known for its clarity, lack of color and excellent light transmitting properties ideal process to apply lenses, light guides, and other similar engineering components.

Benefits of taking our polishing services :-

  • Smooth, Clear, and no surface irregularities.
  • Our process creates no debris and makes the product shiny.
  • We provide high-level polishing services that make the product looks new for the lifetime.
  • Acrylic Professional polishing_one
  • Acrylic Professional polishing_three
  • Acrylic Professional polishing_two

We are pleased to quote your polishing needs. Professional Acrylic has full machining capabilities to serve your Acrylic service’s needs, saving a lot of time and money of our customers.