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Acrylic Bonding

Acrylic Bonding is a process that involves fusing two pieces of acrylic to create desired products, utilizing various methods of adhesion. Each method has its unique applications.

For instance, to construct a simple acrylic box, we can employ a mild, chloroform-based glue. This cost-effective and user-friendly method is ideal for temporary use boxes such as food covers, suggestion boxes, and gift boxes.

Another adhesive method we utilize is chemical bonding. This robust and durable bonding technique is typically used for bonding thicker acrylic sheets. It’s commonly used for aquariums, swimming pool view panels, furniture, Display shelves, Spheres, cylinders, and high-grade acrylic display boxes. The joint line in this method is less visible compared to other Acrylic bonding techniques, making it suitable for outdoor jobs. These joints are long-lasting, with some lasting between 8 to 10 years.

We also frequently use UV-based acrylic glue, which, while not as strong as the previous two Acrylic Bonding options, provides a clean, bubble-free appearance for your products. It’s commonly used for crafting picture frames, display boxes and gift boxes. While not as durable as chemical bonding, it can withstand a considerable amount of time, provided there is no external disturbance to the product.

There are several other methods we employ for Acrylic bonding to fabricate products tailored to customer requirements. We strive to suggest the most cost-effective and robust options based on their specific needs and preferences.

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