Different types of acrylic sheets and their uses

Acrylic is also termed Acrylate, Lucite, Perspex, and Plexiglas; it asserts a huge capacity to bear loads than polycarbonates. These acrylic sheets are available in a variety of designs, and you can use them according to your need and requirement.

Here in this article, you will learn different types of acrylic sheets and their uses:

White Acrylic Sheets

White acrylic sheets are used when you need to fulfill unusual dimensions and require opaque material to craft into a product. Acrylic technology is changing nowadays, there are sheets originally black in color but turns into white color while exposes under the LED light. This material is used for outdoor advertisements and signage purposes.

Transparent Acrylic Sheets

This is the common type of acrylic sheet; its flexibility and clear feature make it a more demanding type. There is a variety of sheets are available for you, it doesn’t matter what size, or shape you want for your design, you will always get sheets as per requirements.

Acrylic Mirrored Sheets

The mirrored acrylic sheet offers durability and great strength to both forms and function. This material is perfect for high-stress environments because it acts as a resistant-reflective surface. These acrylic sheets are available in different shapes and sizes.

Acrylic Colored Sheets

This sheet is a good option for those who are looking for more colors in their project. It offers a rainbow-colored sheet as well, these varied options in acrylic are outstanding. It gives all the aesthetics to the sheet and offers more durability to your design.

Acrylic Light Diffusing Sheets

The high light diffusion feature of this acrylic sheet avoids both luminance fluctuations and visible hot spots. This factor makes this sheet a perfect option for every type of backlit letter and sign. Acrylic molding and bending acrylic sheet technique is used to craft these letters and signs.

This acrylic sheet material is not only making better-looking signage but also helps users to save money by needing lesser lighting sources and fewer channel materials.

Acrylic Textured Sheets

The aesthetic feature and durability of acrylic sheets make them more useful for various applications as compared to glass. Acrylic textured sheets also known as Plexiglas in Dubai, can be used to craft cabinet doors, patio tables, and partitions. It is appropriate for the environment where material should offer privacy, the exceptional transmission of light, and strength.

Acrylic Non-Glare Sheet

Sometimes for outdoor display, you need a non-glazing material, so that your design doesn’t get completely light out. In this situation you will need a matte finish special acrylic non-glare sheet; it provides extraordinary protection to your product and its design.

This is the guide where we try to help with the information on different types of acrylic sheets and their types. In case of doubt, contact our experts they will provide you with better guidance to choose acrylic sheets in Dubai according to your business needs.

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