Acrylic Swimming View Panel – A New Trend in Swimming Pool Décor in Dubai, UAE

Imagine you are enjoying the view of the pool either from inside or from outside, both give you a mesmerizing look. A beautiful swimming pool gives you a relaxing experience for your senses and makes you feel good. Adding a good acrylic wall to the swimming pool turns into a key element of its design. Nowadays, floating swimming pools are highly in demand and it falls in the latest attraction also. It gives a beautiful decor look to your house as well as to your workplace, everyone enjoys swimming in it.

Earlier some luxury hotels and apartments have these beautiful floating pools with acrylic walls, but nowadays people construct an Acrylic swimming view panel at their house also.

What is an Acrylic Wall?

Acrylic is mainly a human-made material like polycarbonate, also called Plexiglass. Acrylic gives a clyster clear glass effect which makes it look more beautiful. The acrylic wall is mainly transparent; this wall is in the latest trend these days for exterior designing. It mainly gives an original and attractive effect to swimming pool windows thus it is the perfect idea for decorating a garden, a terrace, or a porch. The assembly of swimming pools with these acrylic materials gives stylish look to your house or workplace, and this is a new trend in Dubai.

Advantages of constructing Acrylic Panel to Swimming Pool are as follows:

Resistance with higher impact

Acrylic is one of the strongest materials for the construction of a pool. Moreover, being resistant to any kind of impact, it also resists intense mechanical stresses. Acrylic is a perfect option for holding large amounts of water.

Modest and Elegant

One of the positive features of having this acrylic wall in the swimming view panel is its ‘design’. It gives remarkable and different visual, a transparent wall in swimming pool not only elegant but also eye-catching.

Moldable Structure and Lightweight

As compared to glass, acrylic is light in weight; also it has a mouldable and flexible property which allows drawing any complex shapes and curved sections out of it.


Acrylic is resistant to any chemicals, weather conditions, chemicals used in pools, and salt too. Its key feature is that acrylic is UV resistant.

Easy maintenance and easy to install

It is easy to install acrylic walls, just depending on shape & size and accessing space. Also, it is easy to maintain because of having a smooth & even surface, it does not attract dirt. An acrylic wall can be easily polished if its surface gets damaged.

So, getting an acrylic swimming view panel is easy and budget-friendly for everyone.

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