Give an Edge to Performance Appraisal with Acrylic Trophies in Dubai, UAE

Acrylic trophies are considered a substitute for crystal trophies or traditional glass. Acrylic glass trophy can be cast into different shapes & forms and professionals made customized promotional items according to customer’s needs. Acrylic awards or trophies characterize some of the outstanding award items that are available in the whole industry.

Due to their high-end appearance, acrylic trophies are mainly admired among corporate clients. Acrylic has a look of crystal, which looks elegant, and also it is affordable for anyone. There is no good approach to impress a client and to identify them for the achievement they made by giving them an acrylic trophy.

Why acrylic trophies are so special?

Acrylic is a resin-based thermoplastic, called PMMA or polymethylmethacrylate. The important feature of acrylic is that it is an optically clear material, more than a glass even, and also the weight of acrylic products are half of the glass products.

Acrylic material is challenging for several elements that include rain, snow, sunlight, pollutants, and many other chemicals. And since it is a thermoplastic material, this can be heated and transformed into different shapes, sizes and forms.

Acrylic trophies are available in so many options, you need to search and choose one the best option for your business. You can go with one of the demanding options of crystal clear look, or you can try some colour tinted look with a jade green look, sapphire blue look, gold or red, according to your preferences. Mirrored intonations are highly in demand nowadays. Makers will glue mirrored component or laminate on the top, sides, or bottom of acrylic trophies to make it look interesting, colourful impressions and reflections give it uniqueness. The screen printing technique is another technique used for adding colours to acrylic trophies.

With its elegance and beauty, one can say that acrylic trophies can sell themselves.

Customization might be awesome

By providing the option for customized designing of acrylic trophies to customers, many retailers can boost their business, since acrylic is a multipurpose and flexible material, it can be easily moulded to designing modifications.

Samples, displays, and literature are important

It is important for trophy sellers to always up to date with sales literature like catalogues and brochures, and provides them to customers on time whenever they wanted to look at them. This is the best way to offer a glimpse to a customer about your services and products that you offer them.

It can be summarised that nowadays acrylic is that material which is liked by mainly everyone in the corporate world. It offers a crystal look that is loved by the customer and its importance enhances when acrylic trophies are given as performance appraisals.

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